Les danses par groupes (archives 2014-2015)

Groupe ARévisions
15/06/2015 : Tornado
01/06/2015 : Good Time
27/04/2015 : Homegrown
23/03/2015 : Driven
16/03/2015 : Last Living Cowboy
23/02/2015 : Good Time Girl
26/01/2015 : Lucky
19/01/2015 : We Are Tonight
08/12/2014 : After The Storm
01/12/2014 : Blake N Trace
17/11/2014 : The Boat To Liverpool
17/11/2014 : An Absolute Dream
27/10/2014 : Better Times
06/10/2014 : Shore Thing
22/09/2014 : Dog River Blues
Colorado Girl
Down The River
The Right Road
Lovin' you is fun
Something In The Water
Easy Come, Easy Go
Mr Jones
Little Wagon Wheel
Débutants (lundi)Révisions
01/06/2015 : Texas Waltz
01/06/2015 : Good Time
27/04/2015 : Dance Again
30/03/2015 : Tag On
16/03/2015 : Something In The Water
23/02/2015 : Joana
26/01/2015 : Down The River
19/01/2015 : Good Ole Boys
08/12/2014 : Country Two Step
01/12/2014 : An Absolute Dream
17/11/2014 : Cut A Rug
27/10/2014 : Shore Thing
27/10/2014 : Pick A Bale
06/10/2014 : Anything Goes
15/09/2014 : Arizona freeze
Little Wagon Wheel
Groupe CRévisions
16/06/2015 : Tornado
09/06/2015 : Tippy Tippy Toes
26/05/2015 : Tag On
28/04/2015 : Overrated
31/03/2015 : Bounty
17/03/2015 : Homegrown
24/02/2015 : Last Living Cowboy
27/01/2015 : Lucky
20/01/2015 : Mona Lisa
09/12/2014 : Bruises
02/12/2014 : Blake N Trace
18/11/2014 : An Absolute Dream
18/11/2014 : We Are Tonight
28/10/2014 : Better Times
30/09/2014 : The Boat To Liverpool
23/09/2014 : Dance Again
Wagon Wheel Rock
Good Girls Gone Bad
Jacket Joe
Alabama Boy
Make This Day
High Cotton
Groupe DRévisions
16/06/2015 : Tornado
26/05/2015 : Tippy Tippy Toes
12/05/2015 : Overrated
28/04/2015 : Don't Know Why I Do It
31/03/2015 : Last Living Cowboy
17/03/2015 : Recto Verso
24/02/2015 : Don't Let It Slip On By
27/01/2015 : Right now
13/01/2015 : Bounty
06/01/2015 : After The Storm
09/12/2014 : My Dear Juliet
25/11/2014 : Bruises
18/11/2014 : Better Times
18/11/2014 : The Boat To Liverpool
28/10/2014 : We Are Tonight
14/10/2014 : Shore Thing
07/10/2014 : Mona Lisa
30/09/2014 : Dance Again
23/09/2014 : Hey O
Here comes the rain
Rhyme Or Reason
Ding Dang Darn It
Don't Disturb Me
Back To The Roots
One Shot
Alabama Boy
High Cotton
Groupe B (mercredi)Révisions
13/05/2015 : Modern Romance
05/05/2015 : Thanks a lot
01/04/2015 : Island Time
18/03/2015 : Raggle Taggle Gipsy O
18/03/2015 : Wave On Wave
11/03/2015 : Bounty
04/02/2015 : I Saw Linda Yesterday
28/01/2015 : Wayfaring Stranger
14/01/2015 : Good Time Girl
07/01/2015 : Better Times
10/12/2014 : The Boat To Liverpool
26/11/2014 : My Dear Juliet
19/11/2014 : After The Storm
12/11/2014 : Dog River Blues
29/10/2014 : The Belle of Liverpool
15/10/2014 : Shore Thing
15/10/2014 : An Absolute Dream
08/10/2014 : Just A Little Love
Colorado Girl
Stay Stay Stay !
High Cotton

Les danses par ordre alphabétique

# Rednek
19 And Crazy
2 Hell And Back
24 reasons
3 Day Road
52 beers ago
8 Ball
A Country Boy's Life
A Country High
A Double Whiskey
A Honky Tonk Highway
A Love Dance
After The Storm
Alabama Boy
Alabama Slammin'
Alcohol On It
All Shook Up
All summer long
All To Myself
All Together
Alligator Rock
American Kids
An Absolute Dream
Angel In Blue Jeans
Another Country
Another Crazy Year
Anything Goes
Arizona freeze
Askin' Questions
Back To The Bar
Back To The Roots
Bad Fiddling
Ballymore Boys
Bandido's Last Ride
Beer For My Horses
Beginner stroll
Better Days
Better Times
Big Blue Tree
Big City Summertime
Big Mamou
Big Time Operator
Billy's dance
Blake N Trace
Blue note
Blue Rodeo
Bonaparte's retreat
Born To Rock
Bottom Of The Fifth
Brand New Man
Bring Down The House
Bring me sunshine
Bring On The Good Times
Burning love
Bush Party
Butterfly Tattoo
Cabo San Lucas
Cajun Dance
Call Them Names
Cannibal Stomp
Caught In The Act
Celtic CT
Celtic Slide
Celtic Teardrops
Champagne Promise
Chasin' Tail Lights
Chasing Down A Good Time
Cherry Bomb
Chill Factor
Chuck & Cowboy
Clear Isabel
Cloud 9
Cmr Rah Rumba
Colorado Girl
Come Back My Love
Come dance with me
Come On Down
Coming Back Down
Corn Don't Grow
Cotton eye Joe (face à face)
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cotton Pickin' Morning
Countrified Soul
Country Roads
Country Two Step
Cowboy Charleston
Cowboy Madison
Cowboy Yoddle Song
Cowgirl's Twist
Crash And Burn
Cripple Creek
CT Shuffle
Cut A Rug
Cut and Strut
Cut to the chase
Damn !
Dance Again
Dangerous Games
Day Of The Dead
Day Of Victory
Deal With It
Dear Friend
Devil's Shadow
Different For Girls
Dig Your Heels
Ding Dang Darn It
Dixie Girl
Dixie Highway
Doctor Doctor
Dog River Blues
Don't Disturb Me
Don't Know Why I Do It
Don't Let It Slip On By
Don't Let Me Down
Double S
Down At The Station
Down On Your Uppers
Down The River
Drinkin' wine
Drinking With Dolly
Duelling dancers
Dusty Men
Easy Come, Easy Go
Farm Dance
Farmer's Wife
Floor It
Friday At The Dance
Friday Night
Galway Girls
Gerry's Reel
Get Down The Fiddle
Get It Right
Get Reel
Ghost Town
Giddy On Up
Girl's gone wild
Go Cat Go
Golden Wedding Ring
Gone West
Good Girls Gone Bad
Good Night
Good Ole Boys
Good Time
Good time comin' on
Good Time Girl
Greater Than Me
Green grass
Green Grass From Ireland
Green Green Grass of Home
Guilty Of The Crime
Gypsy Queen
Half Past Tipsy
Happy Happy Happy
Harmonica Polka
Hay Que
Here comes the rain
Hesitation Blues
Hey Girl
Hey O
Heyday Tonight
High Cotton
Hillbilly Wins The Lotto Money
Hit The Diff
Hold The Line
Home to Louisiana
Homeward bound
Honey Bee
Honky Tonk
Honky tonk twist
Hooked On Country
Hooray Henry
Hot Chrome
I be U be
I got it
I Run To You
I Saw Linda Yesterday
I'm No Good
If I was a single man
Indian Sound
Irish Stew
Island Time
Islands In The Stream
It's Not OK
J'ai du boogie
Jacket Joe
She's With Me
Shore Thing
Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance
Skiffle Time
Slap & Stomp
Slapping Leather
Some beach
Somethin' About A truck
Something In The Water
Something You Love
Soul Shine Pizza
Southern Thing
Spring Rain
Stay All Night
Stay Stay Stay !
Stop crying
Strait To The Bar
Strong Bounds
Sugar and Pai
Summer Fly
Sunday driver
Sweet Home Chicago
Sweetheart scottische
Swing low
Tag On
Talk Is Cheap
Tango with the sheriff en couple
Tell The World
Temple Bar
Texas Waltz
TH-Guest Ranch
Thank You
Thanks a lot
That man
That Old Freight Train
That's Country
The Banks of the roses
The Belle of Liverpool
The Blarney Roses
The Boat To Liverpool
The Final Test
The Flute
The Galway Gathering
The Gambler
The Harvester
The Island
The Outback
The Right Road
The South
The Trail
The World
These Old Boots
Thinkin' Country
Time To Get A Gun
Time to swing
Tippy Tippy Toes
To Be In Love
Truck a truck
Tush Push
Tush Push For 2
Twist & Shake
Twist & Turns
Untamed (Dube et Legare)
Until I See You Again
Upside Down
Upside Down (Magali Chabret)
Voodoo Jive
Wagon Wheel Rock
Wandering Hearts
Wave On Wave
Waves Of Love
Wayfaring Stranger
We Are Tonight
We Only Live Once
Western Cha Cha
Wheels Of Love
When I Leave
When you come around
Where The Wind Blows
Whiskey bridges
Whiskey's Gone
White Rose
White Whisky
Why Don't You
Wild Card 18
Wild Stallion
Wishful Thinking
Woman Amen
Wonderland Waltz
Young Again